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Salute to Education is Channel 4 San Diego's exciting new show where every month we show you all the cool, amazing, innovative and inspirational stuff that is happening in San Diego's schools.  Each show highlights extraordinary teachers and students, as well as innovative programs being used in today's classrooms.


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Salute to Education #15

Sweetwater High School - Fire Science Academy

Sweetwater High School is giving their students a jump start on their future with a unique program that is getting them ready for a very hot career. Their Fire Science Academy is a 3-year program that incorporates academics and professional training, giving students the skills they need to become professional firefighters.

Anti-Defamation League's Anti-Bullying Program

Bullying is a problem that touches millions of students of all races and classes. It's linked to many negative outcomes including mental health issues, substance abuse and even suicide. One high school program is giving kids the tools to help raise awareness of the issue and find solutions to stop this behavior.

Dennis Morgigno has a conversation with the Superintendent of San Diego Unified School District, Cindy Marten, about the progress of the Vision 2020 program.

Vision 2020 is a community-based school reform plan that engages all parents, staff, students and community members. Its ultimate goal is to ensure quality schools in every San Diego neighborhood by the year 2020.

MCRD San Diego Command Museum's Educational Program

The history of the Marine Corps is not just about war but also peacekeeping missions.  The MCRD San Diego Command Museum focuses on the history of the Marine Corps and provides an educational setting that shows the Corps' important role in the world. 

Salute to Education #14

Reality Changers

Building first generation college students is the mission statement of this organization that is changing lives and helping students achieve their dreams.  For more than 12 years, the Reality Changers organization has helped students become the first in their families to go to college by helping them raise their grade point average and teaching them how to apply for scholarships. Find more information here:

Dennis Morgigno has a conversation with County Superintendent of Schools, Dr. Randy Ward, about the importance of supporting underprivileged students in their quest for college.

Teen Iron Chef Competition - Preparation

Five teams of high school Culinary Arts students recently competed in the ninth annual Teen Iron Chef Competition, preparing a 3-course meal, with a secret ingredient, in one hour.  We followed the teams from Madison and San Diego High Schools as they prepared for the competition.


Teen Iron Chef - Competition Day

Based on the Food Network's high-stress show, students in this competition were also feeling the heat.  The dishes were judged by some of San Diego's most celebrated chefs, who offered praise and some constructive criticism. Here's the action from the heated competition as they faced the other teams... and the judges.

Salute to Education #13


USS Midway Museum Education Program

A field trip to a museum isn't that unusual - but what about learning your lessons inside a museum that floats?  More than 45,000 students a year go through the USS Midway Museum's Educational Programs learning about everything from Heroes to Electricity.  And, they have scholarships available to ensure the program is available to all of San Diego's students. Go here for more information:


Don’t Run Around, Stay Found

According to a Department of Justice report, more than 2,000 children are reported missing every day in the U.S.  The “Don’t Run Around, Stay Found” program at the San Diego County Sheriff’s Department is working to keep kids from becoming part of those statistics.  K-9 Team leader Pam Medhurst and Simon, the bloodhound puppet, along with real Search & Rescue dogs spread the message to kids about how to be safe, and what they should do if they get lost. 


Dennis Morgigno has a conversation with County Superintendent of Schools, Dr. Randy Ward, about the impact of the new California budget and what it means for school funding.


Ashford University’s Teacher Appreciation Scholarships

Kristen Saucerman Lively is a fantastic science teacher.  She’s also the recipient of a Teacher Appreciation Scholarship from Ashford University, to help her earn a Master’s Degree. One of Ashford University’s missions is to make higher education accessible to more people.  And, one of the ways they are working towards that goal is by providing scholarships to some of San Diego’s most promising educators.



Salute to Education #11


e3 Civic High School

The e3 Civic charter high school is one of 17 charter schools opened in San Diego this year.  But, e3 Civic is the only school in the nation to be located in a library. With access to all of the new downtown central library's resources, this state-of-the-art school is preparing students for their future and the global economy.


Martin Reisert, San Diego County and California Teacher of the Year

We all know that teachers teach.  But, they also support, challenge and care for their students.  They have the opportunity to change lives and make the world a better place.  Martin Reisert considers that his mission.  Once a struggling student himself, Reisert credits a teacher with turning his life around.  And, as a San Diego County and California State Teacher of the Year, his message is now being heard on a broader stage.  You can find more information about Martin's former student, Tehya Foussat and her organization at


Chamber Bravura, Marshall Middle School

There is plenty of research that shows the positive impact of music education on students.  Marshall Middle School Choir teacher, Katherine Girvin, has taken their unique vocal group - Chamber Bravura - to new heights both locally and abroad. She's also developing a group of students that learn a lot more than music.


The Classroom of the Future Foundation - Inspire Award Winner

The Classroom of the Future Foundation recently gave awards to four local programs, and the Inspire Award went to Valhalla High's Mac Lab, where students have access to some of the most creative digital arts programs in the county.  But, the Mac Lab is becoming widely known for something else.  The teacher and two students have created a system for a new way of learning. It's called 'gamification,' and instead of assignments the students go on quests with rewards built in.


Salute to Education #10


Re-Cap of the 23rd Annual Cox Presents: A Salute to Teachers

Supporting education is one of our biggest priorities at Cox Communications, which is why we bring you this show - and why every year we produce A Salute to Teachers - the County Teacher of the Year Awards - at downtown's Balboa Theater. This year's event was just a few weeks ago and here's a look at the highlights of what happened that night.


Safety Net - Smart Cyber Choices - Internet Safety for Kids and Parents

The internet can be a great educational resource, a place to connect with friends, play games, and shop - but also online are identity thieves and predators that can put kids at risk.  This local program is teaching kids and parents how to deal with the dangers of the digital world. Find out more here:


The Classroom of the Future Foundation - Impact Award Winner

The Classroom of the Future Foundation recently gave awards to four local programs, and this is the winner of the Impact Award. San Diego Unified School District got the green light on technology when voters passed Prop Z - the bond measure which provided millions of dollars for professional training and technology. Four years later, every school in the district has been equipped with new technology and the staff and schools are benefitting from a system that connects them digitally to one another. You can learn more about the Classroom of the Future Foundation here:


Behind the Scenes at Cox Presents: A Salute to Teachers

At the beginning of the show, we gave you a look at what happened at this year's Salute to Teachers show on October 5th.  What you didn't see in that story was all the work that goes on behind the scenes in the Balboa Theater during the three days leading up to the show.  Here's a peek at what it takes to put on the spectacular event each year.



Salute to Education #9

Common Core Curriculum

Whether or not you have children in school, you have no doubt heard the buzz around the new Common Core curriculum, and probably wondered what it all means.  Basically, Common Core is a uniform set of national academic standards, and the new curriculum comes with a promise of better preparing students for college and career.  Here's a look at how it is being implemented so far in San Diego County.



Dennis Morgigno has a conversation with County Superintendent of Schools, Dr. Randy Ward, about the impact of the new Common Core Curriculum.


Classroom of the Future Foundation - Innovate Award Winner

The San Marcos Unified School District had to find an affordable and effective way to provide professional development.  So the district took a bold step into the world of technology and web conferencing.  Now, all of the district's teachers, at all eleven sites, are connected electronically at the same time for training and professional development.


Classroom of the Future Foundation - Achieve Award Winner

Prospect Avenue School was on the list for possible closure.  In response, the staff took dramatic action as a team and embraced Project-Based Learning and technology integration.  The change resulted in an engaging, highly successful environment for learning and a new name for the school-- PRIDE Academy.

You can learn more about the Classroom of the Future Foundation here:


Pacific Hills Chess Academy

It's no secret chess is a great workout for your mind.  Studies have shown that chess improves cognitive thinking which in turn improves school grades, and besides, it's a lot of fun!  One after-school program is helping kids improve their lives, through this very popular board game. You can find out more about the program here:


Salute to Education #8

Chivalry Today at Bear Valley Middle School

Learning history from a textbook isn't always exciting for students.  But, the group Chivalry Today literally brings Medieval history to life by re-enacting everyday life in the Middle Ages.  Click here to find out more about Chivalry Today


Ocean Experience Surf School

The sport of surfing can benefit your body and mind - plus it's lots of fun.  Some lucky San Diego students got to experience summer surf camp - learning about the ocean and how to hang ten.  Click here to find out more about Ocean Experience Surf School


Robotics at Lindbergh Schweitzer Elementary

Most of us played with Legos as kids, but at Lindbergh Schweitzer Elementary School's robotics lab, students are using Legos for much more than just building blocks.  They are building real, working robots - while also building skills of teamwork and problem-solving.


The History of Salute to Teachers

Supporting education is one of our top priorities at Cox Communications.  And, one of our biggest events each year is the Salute to Teachers show - the County Teacher of the Year Awards that we have been producing now for more than two decades.  Let's take a look back at the first 22 years.


Salute to Education #7

Walk on Water - La Costa Canyon High School AP Physics Class

Students in the AP Physics class at La Costa Canyon High School have taken hands-on learning beyond their hands... to their feet.  Their end-of-year project is to build shoes that will allow them to race across the surface of a pool, putting all the physics principles learned in the classroom to the test.


Tijuana River National Estuarine Research Preserve

Students learn more when they are able to do, and at the Tijuana River National Estuarine Reserve students are able to interact with the environment while learning some valuable lessons in science and life. 


Dennis Morgigno has a conversation with County Superintendent of Schools, Dr. Randy Ward, about the impact of the new California budget and what it means for school funding.


Kearny School of Digital Media and Design

The Charter school movement is growing and larger schools are finding ways to create smaller environments for learning.  In 2003, Kearny High School broke into four separate, themed schools which created a small school environment and utilized teacher teams.  The results are very impressive. 


Salute to Education #6

Road to iVIE

This show is all about iVIE - that is the Innovative Video in Education program.  Students from kindergarten through high school recently produced videos for this county-wide competition.  Students spend 4 to 5 months producing videos to enter into this local student film festival.  We followed a kindergarten, 8th grade and high school class as they prepared their projects. You can find more about iVIE here


iVIE Awards Ceremony

On May 14th, nearly 1500 students, teachers and parents converged on downtown San Diego's Civic Theater for the iVIE Awards Ceremony.  Winners were announced in 14 categories and three videos were honored with Grand Recognition Awards.  Here's a look at all the excitement.


Hero's Choice - Del Sur Elementary School, Poway - iVIE Grand Recognition Winner, 2013

An interactive video featuring kindergarten, 2nd and 3rd grade students. Modeled after "Choose Your Own Adventure" books, Hero's Choice depicts a dilemma faced by different American Heroes. Since we can't use the interactive feature in our TV show, you can follow this link to see the movie as it was meant to be seen and actually choose your own adventure!


Cadence - El Camino High School, Oceanside  - iVIE Grand Recognition Winner, 2013

First time filmmaker Ike Mauga depicts the rhythmic and monotonous actions of his daily life and how they are affected when he inadvertently meets a young female classmate. The video is shot as a silent movie with sound effects added in editing.


Andre Ochs - Valley Middle School, Carlsbad - iVIE Grand Recognition Winner, 2013

This video profiles Andre Ochs, a competitive motorbike athlete, and how his father inspired him to get into motor racing. After a dangerous raceway collision, Andre was critically injured and was in a coma for several weeks. His recovery process is documented in this video.


Salute to Education #5

CHSTV - Carlsbad High School's Broadcast Journalism Class

The Broadcast Journalism Class at Carlsbad High School has a mission to both inform and unite the campus.  And, their efforts have not gone unnoticed as their Morning Show was recently named number one in the nation for the 6th consecutive year. You can find more about the program at


Community Opus Project

With so many music programs being cut, the San Diego Youth Symphony launched the Community Opus Project in 2010 with the goal of making music accessible to all, especially those who otherwise wouldn't be exposed to classical music.  You can find more about the program at


Dennis Morgigno has a conversation with County Superintendent of Schools, Dr. Randy Ward about the importance of keeping arts education alive in San Diego's schools.


Horton Elementary's Breakfast in the Schools Program

San Diego Unified's Horton Elementary has developed a plan to keep their students happy and healthy while achieving increased academic and behavioral success by providing nutritious meals and daily exercise.


Salute to Education #4

Junior Achievement Biztown

JA Biztown is a unique hands-on opportunity for 5th grade students to learn about business practices, managing money, leadership and team work, all while running an interactive town on their own.  You can find out more about the program here


The Stock Market Game at Pt. Loma High School

Vivian Love teaches her Economics students about managing their own finances and how to make them grow.  She uses the Stock Market Game to teach lessons about investing, without risking any real money.  Vivian Love was named the 2013 San Diego County Credit Union Economic Educator of the Year.  You can find more about the Stock Market Game at


Superintendent-Designate of San Diego Unified School District, Cindy Marten, talks with Dennis Morgigno about her plans for the district and the importance of the business community's support of education.


San Diego's Teen Parent Program

Teen parenting is an issue that continues to face today's youth.  The Teen Parent Program serves expectant and parenting students and their children to help them become high school graduates and good parents.  For more information call 760 941-4993 or email Susie Bristow at


Salute to Education #3

Barnard Mandarin Chinese Magnet School 

Language is a building block to all education.  But, at Barnard Elementary School in Point Loma, that block is coming from half a world away.  From Kindergarten, students are taught in both Mandarin and English.  Students are not just learning another language; they're also learning a new culture and gaining a competitive advantage for their future. For more information visit


Dennis Morgigno has a conversation with County Superintendent of Schools, Dr. Randy Ward about the rapid rise of Dual Language programs in San Diego County.


Garfield High School Culinary Arts Program

The culinary arts are becoming more popular than ever.  Who doesn't love a great meal?  And a cutting-edge program at Garfield High School is putting its students at the top of the game. For more information visit


Girls! Camera! Action!

Teen dating violence affects far too many young people in our community.  A unique program at Montgomery Middle School inspires positive relationships by educating students about the consequences of abuse, and does it in a creative way.  Students produce an animated Public Service Announcement to make their point.


Show #2 , Segment 1

San Diego County Teacher of the Year, Emily Jimenez, is on a mission to teach her students the value of tolerance.

Show #2, Segment 2

The Connect 2 Compete program is working to bridge the digital divide by giving students an opportunity to get connected.  You can find more information here:

Show #2, Segment 3

County Superintendent of Schools, Dr. Randy Ward, tells us what kind of changes we might expect to see now that Prop. 30 is in effect

Show #2, Segment 4

San Diego students are learning positive lessons of discipline and leadership through the schools' JROTC program.



Show #1, Segment 1 Welcome to the very first edition of Salute to Education!  In the first segment of our show, you'll see the history of Cox Presents: A Salute to Teachers.  It's the County Teacher of the Year awards show that Cox has been producing and televising for 22 years and running.  Check out this story to take a look back.

Show #1, Segment 2 County Superintendent of Schools, Dr. Randy Ward talks about the importance of teachers and how critical it is that we respect their contributions to our community and our country.

Show #1, Segment  3 While tight budgets have forced many schools to shut down music programs, the Empresa Rocks program in Vista is still singing strong.

Show #1, Segment  4 You've probably seen the Salute to Teachers show on TV.  But have you ever thought about what it takes behind-the-scenes to put on this spectacular celebration of teachers?  Here's a look backstage at the work that goes into producing the show.